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Classic Pool Dining Table with Ball Drawer

Base Price
free delivery
Classic Pool Dining Table in Oak
Classic Pool Diner in Oak with Pull Out Ball Drawer
Classic Pool Dining Table with Matching Tops
Classic Pool Diner in Driftwood Cabinet Finish
Concealed Pull Out Ball Drawer
Classic Pool Dining Table - Driftwood Cabinet
Complete with two piece matching dining tops
Driftwood Pool Dining Table
White Classic Pool Dining Table
Walnut Pool Dining Table
Oak Pool Dining Table - Recent Install
Cabinet Swatch Colours
Oak and Light Oak Cabinet Swatch Comparison
Hainsworth Cloth Swatch Card
Bonus Accessory Pack included with all table installations
Classic Pool Dining Table in Oak
Mouse Over / Click image to zoom
8 x Spare Cue Tips
1 x Cloth Cleaner
1 x Set of Rules
2 x Extra Cues
1 x 9" Table Brush
1 x PVC Cover
1 x Two Piece Cue Rack
12 x Extra Cubes of Chalk
Free Bonus Pack
With Every Installation




Required Room Size

Delivery & Installation


Classic Slate Bed Pool Dining Table

The Classic pool dining table is a personal favourite here at Pool Tables Online. This professionally made slate table has a stylish design and classical look.
This model is available in either 6ft or 7ft UK league sizes. It comes complete with a two piece matching wood dining top. Includes game accessories and is available for delivery within in around 3 weeks from order.
The pool table plays superbly. It is as good as any model on today's market. It has a 19mm thick slate bed surface, championship quality billiard cloth, excellent response cushion rubber and a fault free internal ball return system.
This full size pool table is built to a very high standard using heavy duty, hardwearing materials. Produced using the latest computerised machinery ensures that this table will stand the test of time.
The dual purpose pool dining table solves many space issues. No longer do you require a separate games room to have a pool table. It can easily be turned into a beautiful family dining table that will comfortably seat between 6 and 8 people.
The dining top on this table comes in two pieces. This allows you to easily lift the top on and off the table and store it in a cupboard or place it under the pool table. When used as a dining table the top sits securely on the six rubber pocket liners. This locks the top into place and stops any movement.
The other great feature on this elegant table is the ball drawer. When a ball is potted it returns to a sliding pull out drawer that can then be concealed in the table cabinet when not in use. The hidden drawer means that the dining table looks like a classic piece of furniture and not a pool table.
The fluted leg design on the Classic table gives it a modern sleek style that will be the envy of your friends. It is available is five beautiful cabinet finishes. Choose from Oak, Driftwood, Black, Dark Walnut and White.
The Classic diner is a truly gorgeous product that we highly recommend. We can guarantee that you would not be disappointed with this table.

Table Features

  • Highly Polished pool table chrome corners
  • Excellent quality response cushions
  • Finest 3/4" Italian slate bed playing surface
  • Quality English wool cloth in a choice of colours
  • Matching wood grain two piece dining top
  • Available in UK 6ft x 3ft and 7ft x 4ft sizes
  • Features a slide away concealed ball drawer.
  • Full game accessories included with all tables
  • Bonus accessory pack when having table installation.
  • Free Delivery with optional installation.

Pool Dining Table Dimensions

Classic Pool Table Height
6ft - 77.8cm
7ft - 77.8cm

Classic Pool Table Width
6ft - 115cm
7ft - 124cm

Classic Pool Table Length

6ft - 193cm
7ft - 215.5cm

Classic Pool Table Weight
6ft - 200kg
7ft - 215kg

Classic Table Playfield Size

6ft - 161cm x 83cm
7ft - 184cm x 92cm

Classic Pool Slate Thickness

6ft - 19mm
7ft - 19mm


Why Buy From Pool Tables Online

Pooltablesonline is one of the oldest and most trusted pool table selling websites. The site has been trading since 2002. Our staff have been selling pool tables and leisure products for over 40 years. We are a limited company and we trade from large business premises. We have a big showroom, huge warehouse and carry a wide range of stock. We have dedicated delivery and fitting teams.

Many websites offering pool tables are set up in bedrooms or back rooms and just have the pool tables drop shipped from the manufacturers. They cannot offer the product back up, expertise or customer security that we can. Why take a chance on such a capital purchase.

Pool Tables Online is an official member of BAPTO (The British Association of Pool Table Operators) - responsible for the promotion of pool and the standardisation of the rules for the game in the U.K

Lowest Online Prices

price matchWe check our competitors prices on a weekly basis. We try to have the most competitive prices on the Internet but if you find a better offer on a LIKE FOR LIKE basis, we will not only try to match it but to better it

This promise applies to our range of pool tables.

You can also call us on 0845 226 5758 for an instant quotation. 


This table is fitted as standard with top quality English wool cloth from Hainsworth.

A wide range of colours are available from Hainsworth.

As standard with this table you get a choice of the following Hainsworth club cloth:

Green, Red, Blue, Burgundy

Please click on the swatch colours to enlarge





Upgrade to Smart cloth for a small cost.

If you would like to upgrade your cloth to hainsworth smart cloth, which is their premium wool cloth, you can do so for a small extra charge. Please just select from the drop down menu when ordering.
There is also a larger choice of colours available in this cloth.
Please just select your cloth choice when ordering from the drop down box at the bottom of the listing.

Please click on the swatch colours to enlarge


If you require a cloth swatch sending to you please just call or email and we would be happy to post one out.



Free Bonus Pack with every Installation

Pool Table Bonus Pack
All our pool tables come with enough accessories to start a game of pool. Each table comes as standard with a set of full size 2" pool balls, 2 cues, ball triangle and some chalk. 

If we are installing your pool table then we give you a free of charge bonus accessory pack. This includes all the standard accessories plus the following:

Brush, PVC Cover, Two Piece Cue Rack, 2 Extra Cues, 12 extra cubes of Chalk, Cloth Cleaner, Set of Rules and Spare Cue Tips.
You may want to add a Cue Rest Stick with a Brass Cross Rest or a Spider Rest or a Light Canopy to complete the picture. Look through our range of spares and contact us if you want more information.

Pool Balls

Tables are supplied with Red and Yellow Pool Balls from the manufacturers as standard. These balls are used in most pubs and clubs and are fairly unique to the UK. 
We will however give you the option to swap your Red and Yellow Ball set to either American numbered Spots & Stripes or Blue & Yellow Balls at no extra cost. Blue and Yellow Balls are especially distinctive when you have a table covered in Red Cloth.  Please just let us know when ordering by phone or select from the drop down boxes if ordering online.

If you want to keep the Red and Yellow Balls but also buy an additional set of Spots and Stripes then we offer these at heavily discounted prices when purchasing a table. Just select from the options boxes.


Add Some Optional Accessories At Huge Discounts When Buying A Table

Why not add some of the below optional Accessories at massively discounted prices? 

We offer the below accessories cheaper than anywhere else online when buying a pool table from us. Just select any of the below from the menu options when ordering.

1. Spots and Stripes Pool Ball Setaccessories

2. Snooker Ball Set for a Pool Table with Triangle

3. Brass Cross Rest on a rest Stick

4. Brass Spider Rest on a Rest Stick

5. Brass Canopy Bar and 3 Matching shades

6. Chrome Canopy Bar and Matching 3 Shades

Required Room Size

A Good rule of thumb is to allow for a minimum of 4ft space all around the table for optimum playing comfort.
So for instance a 7ft x 4ft table would have 4ft either end of the long side of the table making 15ft ( 7ft table length + 4ft + 4ft ) and the same on the width making 12ft ( 4ft table width + 4ft + 4ft ).
If you are tight for space then don't panic because we have shorter cues at 36" 42" and 48" for the shot when the ball is tight on the cushion. 

Both the 6ft and 7ft tables are classed as league tables although most leagues prefer to play on a 7ft table if space permits. Either way both tables provide a great game so don't try and squeeze a 7ft in if it is going to be uncomfortable when playing. 

It is important to check the size of the room to see if your intended table will fit. If a table is too large for the room you may not enjoy playing on it. A good idea is to draw a plan of the room and measure it at the nearest points to where your table is intended to stand. Do not measure into bay windows or to the recesses of a fireplace. All large furniture should be outside the measurements.
Table Size
Minimum Room Size
6' x 3'6"
14' x 11'6" (4.26m x 3.5m)
7' x 4'"
15' x 12'0" (4.57m x 3.65m)

Finally if your table has to go upstairs we may require photos to ensure access is possible. We rarely have a failed install but if there are any impossible turns or bad access then we can always supply a kit form table and built it up in your premises. There is an extra small premium to pay for this service but it will ensure that the table goes in safely and without damage.


Room Size Guide Information

Delivery & Installation

We deliver Pool Tables and Accessories throughout the UK and Europe. UK deliveries are carried out exclusively by our two man teams which gives us flexibility on delivery and timings.

The delivery lead time on this table is approximately 3 to 5 weeks. We can sometimes suprise and install a little quicker if we have stock or can get the table sooner from the manufacturers. We are located in close proximity to all the suppliers which allows us to collect your table quickly as it comes off the production line. Many of our competitors are located further afield and wait for several tables to be ready before making their collection. So for speedy delivery we have the edge.

Two options are available when it comes to delivery.

Delivery Only

We will deliver your pool table door to door and to the ground floor room of your choice absolutely free of charge. Tables are usually supplied in 3 parts. The legs, slate and cabinet are all separate and would require assembly. Please bear in mind however that most slate bed pool tables weigh 200kg+ and you would require adequate numbers of people to safely handle the table. Installation would be at your own risk

Delivery with Installation

We do however strongly recommend that you take up the offer of our professional delivery and Installation service at the extra cost of £95 Inc. VAT which includes full installation, table positioning, levelling, after sales care instruction and a bonus pack of extra accessories that is worth up to £70. Slate bed pool tables can weigh up to 250 kgs (550lbs) and moving and handling them takes knowledge and expertise.

Our two man team of professional fitters can take away the strain, worry and hard work and leave your table perfect and ready to play.

Basement and Upper floor delivery and installations incur a surcharge of £60. Delivery to more remote areas of the country including Cornwall and the North of Scotland are subject to a delivery surcharge. Please contact us for more details.

contact us

Call our team today on 0845 226 5758 / 0161 477 6691