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Aramith Pool Balls Blue and Yellow UK Set

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Aramith Blue and Yellow Pool Balls - UK 2 Inch Size

Produced by Saluc in Belgium, the Aramith Blue and Yellow premier 2-inch (50.8mm) UK pool balls are of excellent quality and include free and fast delivery.
These premier Aramith ball sets undergo rigorous quality assessments and inspections during manufacturing to ensure that only the highest quality balls are selected for inclusion in the Premier sets.
Comprising 15 object balls (7 x yellow, 7 x Blue, and 1 x Black), which are 2-inches in size, the ball set also includes a smaller 1-7/8" cue ball. 

Designed for compatibility with all UK 6ft and 7ft home free play pool tables and all UK pub coin-operated pool tables, these regulation-size balls are identical to those utilised on UK pub, league, and tournament tables. It's imperative to verify the size required for your table before making a purchase, and we are available to offer assistance and advice should you need it.
Aramith balls are renowned for maintaining their impeccable shape, vibrant colouring, balance, and weight for an extended period compared to other ball sets, making them a significant investment in quality.
As an authorised Aramith importer and stockist, we maintain a substantial inventory and can offer competitive pricing. Orders are delivered within 1-2 working days from the date of purchase.

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Premium Slate Bed

Aramith Pool Balls Blue and Yellow UK Set

The Aramith Pool Balls Blue and Yellow UK Set is built using a premium quality slate bed with a rigid internal support system, meaning that you will get a truely consistent playing surface for the life of your table.

These slate beds are used on the tables found in pool halls and clubs - meaning you will get that same true response from your table at home, without compromise!

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