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Pool Table Installation

All our slate bed pool tables come with the option to add installation when purchasing. We always recommend this service mainly due to the weight and bulkiness of pool tables. This service usually includes a bonus accessory pack, which offsets the cost slightly. 

Whilst installation is optional on UK pool tables, we always include this service with the purchase of an American pool table. American tables are often twice the weight of a UK pool table, have sectional slate playing surfaces, and need cloth fitting and professional levelling. This requires skilled fitters to assemble them correctly.

Will my pool table fit?

When it comes to delivering and installing a pool table, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, you need to determine the size of the table you want and the specific room it will be placed in. Ensuring that the table can fit into the desired location is important.

This becomes even more crucial if the table needs to be taken upstairs or into a basement. These situations often present more challenges and, therefore, require additional planning. Please see our section below on up or downstairs installation.
Most of our installations are to ground floor level and don't often cause any issues. However, please remember that UK-style pool table cabinets are pre-built in one piece. Any ground floor, tight turns, or restricted access may still cause installation problems. We will only contact you for access photos if your installation is up or down any stairs, so please feel free to send over any potential ground-floor restrictions if you believe access may be difficult. We aim to install your pool table successfully and with no issues. We would hate to disappoint you on the day of delivery, so we always encourage as much information as possible regarding delivery access.

Pool Table Fitting and Installation Service

How will the pool table arrive?

A two-man experienced installation team carries out all our deliveries. We come equipped with lifting equipment and trolleys to make life easier. We always use Sprinter-style vans designed to access most locations. We do require onsite free parking so that our delivery team can deliver a timely delivery.
When purchasing a UK-style pool table, they typically arrive in three main sections: the body of the table (cabinet), the one-piece slate playing surface that comes pre-covered with fitted cloth, and the legs. These sections are designed to fit through standard-size doorways but will often struggle with tight-angled turns.
The legs of the table pose no access problems, and the slate can fit into most areas, even when standing upright, due to its thickness of only ¾ of an inch. However, the body (cabinet) of the table is inflexible and may pose challenges when manoeuvring it through narrow corridors or tight-turning spaces. The dimensions require careful consideration to avoid damage to the table or walls. We often get told that other furniture has fitted, such as mattresses or sofas. However, these are more flexible and made from much softer material compared to a pool table. Again, if in any doubt, please send over access photos or videos.

American-style tables take much longer to install because they arrive in kit form. The sectional slate playing surfaces also mean these models generally fit into most locations. Even though American tables are bigger and heavier, they usually fit into most rooms.

My table needs to go upstairs?

When stairs are involved in the delivery process, we charge an additional cost for first-floor or basement deliveries. This is because carrying the table up or down stairs requires significant physical strength and must be done safely. It also means the installation time is almost double what a ground floor installation would be. We always need access to photos or, ideally, a video to assess the access beforehand to ensure no disappointments or difficulties.
While some customers offer to assist in carrying the table upstairs or downstairs, it is often not viable as additional strength is not the sole requisite. Moving a heavy and bulky pool table requires skill and experience, and extra people can sometimes complicate the process.

The access photos/video provide valuable information to determine if the delivery and installation can proceed safely. If it is not possible, we will inform you in advance and discuss alternative options, such as having a table produced in kit form to ensure installation is possible. Please get in touch with us for further details of this service. For more detailed information on installing a pool table up or downstairs, click here. 

Pool Table Slate

Delivering to companies/offices

Pool is a popular recreation and is becoming increasingly popular in offices and businesses. Break-out areas are a fantastic way for staff to relax during the working day, and pool is still the number one game for these areas. 

We are more than happy to install in offices and have many products built for such locations. However, we do need free onsite parking (see our parking section below) and require good access to the building.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to accept orders to central cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester due to parking restrictions and charges. We are happy to discuss this with you but we will require parking/access assurances before carrying out delivery.

For further details please view our blog on buying a pool table for your business.

Pool Table Delivery


We always ask for free onsite parking for the entirety of the delivery and installation process. Installation of a UK slate bed pool table usually takes around 45 minutes. Up or down stairs or a kit form model will take longer. American pool tables typically take 4-6 hours to install, and again, we require onsite free parking for the duration of the process. We need onsite parking because the fitters often have to return to the vehicle many times during assembly. Also, the closer we are to the table location, the heavier items require less carrying and risk of damage. 

We are often advised that parking is available nearby or a car park is on the next street. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept orders that do not have guaranteed onsite free parking. This particularly applies to big cities where congestion is at a peak. We aim to accommodate all orders, but we occasionally have to pass if requirements are unmet. Please see our blog page on parking requirements for further details.

I don't think a pool table will fit upstairs or into my location.

We may have the solution if you are concerned that a pool table cannot be transported up or down stairs or into your room location due to size constraints. We can have the table produced in kit form, also known as a dry build. With a dry build, the factory manufactures the table in a kit form, utilising screws instead of traditional methods such as glue and staples to assemble the cabinet. This alternative construction method does not compromise the table's appearance or durability, ensuring it remains visually appealing and structurally sound. 

There is an additional charge for this service, but as we are located close to all the leading table manufacturers, we can do this promptly. For further details, please view our section on dry build / kit form pool tables.

Our Priority

Safety and success is our top priority throughout the entire delivery and installation process. We strive to protect our customers and fitters by ensuring careful assessment and planning. A pool table is an exciting purchase, and we always try our best to avoid any disappointment or potential damage on the day of delivery. The more information we have on access or obstacles, the better prepared we can be.

Pool Table Installed

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