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Installing a Pool Table Upstairs

Published: 18/10/2022

Upstairs Pool Table Delivery.

Are you considering having a pool table delivered upstairs? We can offer this service, but a successful delivery does depend on certain factors. It would be worth considering the following before making your decision.

What are the issues with delivering UK slate tables upstairs?

The obvious problem with installing a pool table upstairs is the size and weight. Most of our UK slate bed tables weigh between 200kg and 300kg, depending on size and model. They are either 6ft x 3'8 or 7ft x 4ft in size. These factors make installing upstairs problematic but certainly not impossible.


UK slate bed pool tables come in 3 parts. The slate, cabinet and legs are separate and require building up on-site. The slate and cabinet are in one-piece, meaning they are both bulky and heavy. The lack of flex in the slate and cabinet creates a problem when turning corners. It is very easy to mark or damage the table, or even scuff your walls. It is important that sufficient turning space is available. Most staircases have turns built into them, so it is essential to bear this in mind. Our fitters can stand cabinets and slates upright to manoeuvre them in tight areas, but this does require high ceilings, particularly on 7ft models.


Pool tables are heavy and awkward. Many people feel a table will just about squeeze into their upstairs location, but they often don't consider the weight. Manoeuvring a 170kg cabinet around tight staircases is usually not feasible. We have strong fitters who are very experienced, but sometimes it is just not possible, and we must consider their well-being.

For the above reasons, we generally limit the number of stair flights we can offer. We are happy to look at all jobs, but in the main, between 1 and 2 flights are the maximum we will consider. Specific tables are not available for upstairs delivery. These are particularly heavy models and become a health and safety risk to our installers.

With all this in mind, we always ask for the following with upstairs installations. Ideally, we require a short video of possible access issues, staircases, and ceiling height. We have mobile numbers where you can send a WhatsApp video, or an email could be sent to If a video is not possible, then we would require detailed photos. Once we have viewed and approved the access with our fitters, we will be happy to accept the order. This process ensures there are no surprises on the day of delivery. If for any reason the table doesn't fit when we arrive on site, then you would be entitled to a full refund.

We can deliver and install many tables up or down stairs
We can deliver and install many tables up or down stairs

What type of table should I go for?

If you feel that your stair access is tight and it may be challenging to install the table, we recommend going for a 6ft model. The smaller size table makes a big difference when installing upstairs. It is lighter and easier to turn and lift, and the smaller size often eliminates the issue of tight corners. Also, the thinner the cabinet depth, the better. For example, we rarely fail when installing a 6ft pool diner. This is because the size and weight allow lifting and manoeuvring that deeper-bodied tables simply don't.

The table is for our office, and we have a lift. Will it fit?

We are frequently asked this question. There is both good and bad news when it comes to standard passenger lifts. The good news is that the slate bed will definitely fit, as will all 6ft table cabinets. The bad news is that 7ft cabinets do not fit. Many passenger lifts are high enough to take a 7ft table, but the lift doors are lower, and the table needs to be angled down to enter. The narrow depth of the lift then stops the table from being straightened upright.

Some locations will have a goods lift. Again, we would ask for lift dimensions, but rarely do we have issues with this type of lift.

We still require a surcharge when taking an upstairs order with a lift. However, if the table cabinet and slate go up in the lift, the additional cost will be refunded on the same day. If only the slate fits in the lift, the upstairs surcharge will still apply.

We want an American-style table. Can this be installed upstairs?

American pool tables are larger in every aspect. They have bigger cabinets, slates, pockets, balls and legs compared to English pool tables. This would surely mean that they can't be installed upstairs. Correct? That is incorrect. American tables are actually simpler to install upstairs. The reason is that these tables are produced in kit form. Even the slates come in sections. They take much longer to set up because they are flat-packed and require professional assembly. A one-piece USA slate would be too heavy to move, so they make them in 3 sections that join together in the pool room. This means an American table is a good option for an upstairs delivery. However, we only recommend 7ft or 8ft American tables as a 9ft model is extremely heavy and not advised for upstairs installation.

I know a table won't fit upstairs. Do I have any other options?

One final option is available if you know a pool table won't fit upstairs. This is what we call a dry build. Essentially the factory produces your table in kit form, and instead of glueing and stapling the cabinet, they use screws. This does not change the table's looks or strength. It simply means you can break down the table to get it into restricted locations. The factories charge approx £100 for this service as its produced off the standard production line. We would still require videos before deciding if a dry-build table is needed. This may extend the delivery lead time and cost, but usually, 100% guarantees a successful installation.

We hope this page has helped you understand how we deliver pool tables upstairs. The best advice we can offer is to decide the model you would like and then get in touch. We are experts in this field and can usually tell you quite quickly if we can help. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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