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We can offer a nice range of accessories that are important in getting the most out of your pool table. We can offer these accessories at great prices and with quick delivery. Read More

Cue Racks: A cue rack is essential to keep your cues organised, within easy reach and well protected. These racks come in various designs, such as wall-mounted racks, corner racks, or freestanding floor racks. Select a cue rack that matches your room decor and provides adequate storage for your cues.
Chalk and Chalk Holder: Chalk is a crucial accessory for maintaining a proper grip and control over the cue ball. Always try to match the colour of chalk to the colour of your cloth to avoid marks. A chalk holder ensures that your chalk is protected and easily accessible during gameplay. Look for chalk holders that clip onto your belt or attach to the table for convenience.
Scoreboards: A scoreboard helps you keep track of the score during competitive games. Whether you prefer a manual scorekeeper or an electronic scoreboard, having one ensures fair play and eliminates any confusion. A scoreboard is necessary for playing snooker on your pool table.
Rest Heads and Rest Stick: A bridge rest head and rest stick comes in handy when you need to reach distant or obstructed shots on the pool table. It provides a stable support system to execute those hard-to-reach shots with precision. Choose a bridge stick that is adjustable to suit different shot angles and heights. It also helps if you have some junior players struggling to reach shots.

Cue Tips & Tip Accessories: Keeping your cue tip in good condition can really make a difference to your play. We sell a good range of push-on tips, glue-on tips, and screw-on tips. As well as cue tips, we can also offer tip accessories.

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