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Pool Table Buying Guide

1. Can I see the pool table before buying?

Yes we have a showroom with several table on display. The showroom is currently by appointment only so please call us to book in. The showroom is usually open 9.30-4.30 Monday to Friday. It is situated in Stockport, Cheshire close to the M60. We have a large range of pool tables , pool dining tables, pool tables accessories for you to make the better choice. Click HERE for further details.

2. What pool table brands do you distribute?

We distribute the main UK and European pool brands such as DPT Pool Tables, SAM Pool Tables, Simply Pool Tables, Supreme Pool Tables and Dynamic Pool Tables.

3. Will the table pool table fit my room?

Take a look at our Pool Table Room Size Guide to make sure your room is large enough. Pool table cabinets are usually pre-built and can be very bulky. It can often be a struggle getting them around tight turns. If you think your access may be an issue please send over photos for us to see.

4. Can I have a personalised pool cloth?

This is not available at the moment

5. What comes with my pool table?

Every pool table comes with a complete set of equipment needed to play the game, 2 cues, a set of balls, triangle, and chalk. If we install the table you will get an extra 4 cues, brush, spare tips, PVC Cover and a set of rules.

6. Do I need other things?

We recommend that you buy a brush to improve the lifetime of your cloth (see "Table maintenance"), and lights. You can also look at our cues for a higher quality cue and our cue racks and scorers. We sell a wide range of accessoires on the site. If you are creating a games room don´t hesitate to call for advice.

7. How to install my pool table?

The pool table installation is usually quite straightforward although we would always recommend our own installation by our own trained fitters as the slate bed tables are very heavy. Our fitters would position the table, level it and leave it ready for play. If you choose our installation we will also give you a free accessory pack worth over £80. To view our installation guide click HERE.

Click PDF to download our Installation Guide

Installation Guide

8. How to level my pool table?

Levelling a pool table is dependent on the type of pool table. On some tables the bottom foot plate that meets the floor turns and screws in and out, allowing you to change the table level with a twist of that foot. On other tables you have to slide a thin piece of material (shim) under the leg.

Generally, if you have a few strong people and a level, levelling a pool table is not very complicated. Have two strong people raise up the side on which the leg is that you need to adjust and slip your shim under or screw the leg up or down. Place a spirit level across the width of the table at one end and screw the table feet up or down until level. Repeat at the other end of the table, across the width, corner to corner. Finally place the level down the length of the table and raise or lower one end of the table by means of the levelling screws, adjusting both feet at one end by equal amounts until level along the table. Check levels again and repeat if necessary.

Now that you have the table fairly level, you can test it by rolling a cue ball slowly at various places on the table and see if it rolls true. Make your final adjustments based on the roll.

If you put your pool table on a carpet, wait some time for the table to settle into it before levelling.

Caution: Do not try to do this without the proper number of people in the proper physical condition to help. Even a "light" pool table is quite heavy and you could harm somebody. If you are not sure call us.

9. Pool table maintenance

After your table is installed, regular maintenance will maintain the quality of the cloth. It is recommended that the table be fitted with a cover to protect the table when in not in use. The pool cloth should be brushed regularly, always brushing from the baulk end, down the length of the table in the direction of the nap. For more information click HERE to see our maintenance guide

Click PDF to download our Pool Table Maintenance Guide

Installation Guide

10. Do you sell coin operated tables?

Yes, we have a wide variety of coin operated models. If you are an operator or use your table for commercial purposes, we have special offers for you on coin operated tables. Dont hesitate to contact us for more information.

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