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Pool tables are extremely heavy, bulky, and fragile items to move. They require precise handling and delicate moving. When we deliver a pool table, we always use experienced two-man fitting teams who are used to handling and installing such awkward items. Pool tables come in several parts, and in the case of American tables, in many boxes. This means we require adequate onsite parking to bring the table into the location with minimum fuss.

We deliver tables in Sprinter transit vans, so the vehicles we use do not restrict access. We aim to take on all orders where possible and will happily discuss parking requirements with you. We occasionally have to turn down an order due to parking access, generally due to the situations below.


1. Onsite free parking is required for the duration of the pool table installation. UK tables can take between 45 minutes to 90 minutes. American tables require between 4 and 6 hours.

2. Our fitters cannot park the vehicle in a nearby street as they often have to return to the van for tools and equipment several times during installation.

3. Loading bays - We will not leave the vehicle in loading bays whilst installing a table if there is a time restriction below the required installation period.

4. Car Parks - We are unable to use local car parks. They usually have height restrictions on vehicles, and the parking required must be free to use.

5. Yellow Lines - Due to parking tickets or clamping, we cannot leave the vehicle on double yellow lines.

6. On-road parking - We will not leave the vehicle parked on a busy street if it causes restrictions. Parking should ideally be off-road.

7. Farm or Field parking - Due to the vehicle's weight, we cannot risk getting the van stuck in mud or soft turf.

8. Parking Permits - We are unable to apply for street parking permits if this is required in your street.

9. Allocated time slot - Due to the nature of our deliveries, it is not always possible to provide a precise time. We therefore cannot accept a specific time window for delivering.


We always aim to deliver all pool table orders successfully. If any of the above apply to your delivery, or there are any other issues please get in touch with us, and we can discuss options.

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