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Buying a pool table for your office.

Published: 01/09/2023

When it comes to adding a recreational element to an office space, a pool table can be a fantastic choice. Not only can it serve as a source of relaxation and entertainment, but it also promotes teamwork and bonding among employees. Breakout areas are becoming ever-popular in offices, and the pool table remains a firm favourite amongst employees.

The process of buying a pool table for an office, however, requires careful consideration and planning to ensure it enhances the work environment and meets the company's needs. We offer a great range of tables built and designed to withstand lots of gameplay.

Firstly, it is important to assess the available space to determine whether it can accommodate a pool table. Measure the dimensions of the designated area, keeping in mind that players need sufficient clearance around the table to move and take their shots comfortably. Also, consider factors such as lighting and noise levels in the office that may affect the playing experience.

Free Play Slate Bed Pool Table in Office Breakout area
Free Play Slate Bed Pool Table in Office Breakout area

Once the space is identified, determining the budget is the next step. Pool tables come in various sizes, styles, and price ranges. It is crucial to set a realistic budget that aligns with the company's financial capabilities and the quality of the table desired. We always recommend purchasing a new table as many pre-owned models require maintenance and expensive cloth and cushion rubber replacements within a short time. Factors such as durability and stability are essential in offices to ensure they stand up to intensive use.

Deciding on the type of pool table is another important consideration. We highly recommend a slate bed pool table, which are ideal for homes, offices, schools, and youth clubs. They are much more durable and provide a superior and precise game for everyone. They cost a little more than inferior tables, but they will last far longer and prove better value for money.

Slate bed pool tables offer the highest quality and are often used in commercial locations due to their durability and professional playing standards. Non-slate tables are typically more affordable and suitable for casual gameplay but will often need replacing much quicker than a robust slate bed table. Coin-operated tables are ideal for environments where employees may want to play games on a pay-per-use basis if generating funds is a consideration.

After deciding on the table type, the next step is considering the purchase and delivery. It is essential to ensure that suitable access is available for the table to be installed. The tables are bulky and very heavy, and informing us of any access issues is essential. As well as adequate access, we would also require free onsite parking for the duration of the delivery/installation.

When buying a pool table for your office, we recommend choosing an experienced supplier with excellent customer service that can provide sound advice on picking the perfect model. This should include sufficient warranties and professional installation services to guarantee a hassle-free experience. Our company ticks all these boxes, and we can also provide maintenance tips as well as cloth recovering services, should it be required.

In conclusion, buying a pool table for an office can be an excellent investment that enhances the work environment, promotes socialisation, and provides a healthy outlet for stress relief. By considering factors such as space availability, budget, type of table, and delivery and installation, purchasing a pool table becomes more streamlined. This ensures the office gets the best value for its money.

Coin Operated Slate Bed Pool Table in business location
Coin Operated Slate Bed Pool Table in business location

American slate bed pool table in office environment.
American slate bed pool table in office environment.

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