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  • 8ft American Table Size
Table Finish
Select Option
  • Black
  • White
  • White Chocolate
  • Ivory
  • Rain
  • East Wind Grey
  • Blue Carney
  • China Blue
  • Violet Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Grass Green
  • Fashion Green
  • Turquois
  • Lipstick Red
  • Old Pink
  • Taupe
  • Pearl Grey
  • Volcano Grey
  • Slate Grey
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Camouflage
  • British Green
  • Bordeaux
  • Rust
  • Seventies Orange
  • Yellow
  • Luxury Finish Gold (+ £4500.00)
  • Luxury Finish Chrome (+ £4500.00)
  • Luxury Finish Brushed Inox (+ £4500.00)
  • Luxury Finish Copper (+ £4500.00)
  • Luxury Finish Pearl White (+ £4500.00)
Select Option
  • Black Smart Cloth
  • Silver Smart Cloth
  • Slate Smart Cloth
  • French Navy Smart Cloth
  • Powder Blue Smart Cloth
  • Navy Smart Cloth
  • Royal Blue Smart Cloth
  • Orange Smart Cloth
  • Red Smart Cloth
  • Tan Smart Cloth
  • Taupe Smart Cloth
  • Purple Smart Cloth
  • Maroon Smart Cloth
  • Nutmeg Smart Cloth
  • Sage Smart Cloth
  • Paprika Smart Cloth
  • Pink Smart Cloth
  • Olive Smart Cloth
  • Windsor Red Smart Cloth
  • Gold Smart Cloth
  • Cherry Smart Cloth
  • Ranger Green Smart Cloth
  • Royal Navy Smart Cloth
  • Orange Elite Pro Cloth
  • Bright Red Elite Pro Cloth
  • Red Elite Pro Cloth
  • Burgundy Elite Pro Cloth
  • English Green Elite Pro Cloth
  • American Green Elite Pro Cloth
  • Purple Elite Pro Cloth
  • Fuchsia Elite Pro Cloth
  • Powder Blue Elite Pro Cloth
  • Electric Blue Elite Pro Cloth
  • Petrol Blue Elite Pro Cloth
  • Royal Blue Elite Pro Cloth
  • Cadet Blue Elite Pro Cloth
  • Bankers Grey Elite Pro Cloth
  • Charcoal Elite Pro Cloth
  • Marine Blue Elite Pro Cloth
  • Olive Elite Pro Cloth
  • Camel Elite Pro Cloth
  • Spruce Elite Pro Cloth
  • Black Elite Pro Cloth
Duotone Colour
Select Option
  • No Duotone (same as finish)
  • Black (+ £1580.00)
  • White (+ £1580.00)
  • White Chocolate (+ £1580.00)
  • Ivory (+ £1580.00)
  • Rain (+ £1580.00)
  • East Wind Grey (+ £1580.00)
  • Blue Carney (+ £1580.00)
  • China Blue (+ £1580.00)
  • Violet Blue (+ £1580.00)
  • Midnight Blue (+ £1580.00)
  • Grass Green (+ £1580.00)
  • Fashion Green (+ £1580.00)
  • Turquois (+ £1580.00)
  • Lipstick Red (+ £1580.00)
  • Old Pink (+ £1580.00)
  • Taupe (+ £1580.00)
  • Pearl Grey (+ £1580.00)
  • Volcano Grey (+ £1580.00)
  • Slate Grey (+ £1580.00)
  • Dark Chocolate (+ £1580.00)
  • Milk Chocolate (+ £1580.00)
  • Camouflage (+ £1580.00)
  • British Green (+ £1580.00)
  • Bordeaux (+ £1580.00)
  • Rust (+ £1580.00)
  • Seventies Orange (+ £1580.00)
  • Yellow (+ £1580.00)
Basin Colour
Select Option
  • Black
  • Pure White
  • Off White (+ £1925.00)
  • Chrome (+ £1925.00)
  • Grey Inox (+ £1925.00)
  • Translucent (+ £1925.00)
Basin Lighting
Select Option
  • No Basin Lighting
  • Add Basin Lighting (+ £2000.00)
Pocket Liner Colour
Select Option
  • London 0625
  • Millenium 3790
  • Devon Noir
  • Devon 0836
  • London 0815
  • Devon 0807
  • Millenium 3773
  • Devon 010
  • London 0817
  • Devon 501
  • Millenium 8757
  • Devon 203
  • Devon 0831
  • Devon 0828
  • Millenium 3604
  • Devon 217
  • London 0808
  • London 163
  • London 0812
  • London 0850
Dining Top
Select Option
  • No Top Required
  • Include Matching Dining Top (+ £3100.00)
Safety Stand
Select Option
  • No Dining Top Safety Stand
  • Include Dining Top Safety Stand - (+ £1650.00)
Cue Rack
Select Option
  • No Cue Rack Required
  • Add Matching Cue Rack (+ £1650.00)
Select Option
  • No Canopy Lighting Set
  • Add Canopy Lighting Set (+ £5050.00)
Discounted Accessories
Aramith Ball Cleaning Kit Aramith Pool & Snooker Ball Cleaning Kit
+ £15.95 SAVE £5.05
Chrome Finish Cue Rack for 6 Cues Chrome Finish Free Standing Cue Rack for 6 Cues
+ £65.95 SAVE £9.00
Chalk Holder Pool Table Chalk Holder, Rubber Chalk Holder
+ £3.50 SAVE £2.45
Cue Rest Stick with Brass Cross Rest Head Cross Rest Bridge fitted to 48 Inch Rest Stick
+ £15.00 SAVE £8.95
Spider Bridge Rest on Rest Stick Spider Bridge Rest on 48 Inch Rest Stick
+ £16.00 SAVE £7.95
Pool and Snooker Cloth Cleaner Pool and Snooker Cloth Cleaner
+ £7.95 SAVE £3.00
Black 8 Ball Rack Pool Table 8 Ball Cue Rack - Black
+ £99.00 SAVE £25.95
White 8 Ball Rack Pool Table 8 Ball Cue Rack - White
+ £99.00 SAVE £25.95
Red 8 Ball Rack Pool Table 8 Ball Cue Rack - Red
+ £99.00 SAVE £25.95
Delivery Access & Installation
Please select a delivery & installation option:
Select Option
  • Delivery and Installation
Select Option
  • Ground Floor Installation
  • Upstairs Installation (+ £200.00)
  • Basement Installation (+ £200.00)
Base Price £33500.00
Extras £0.00
Delivery & Installation £0.00
Total Cost £33500.00
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Billard Toulet Blacklight Luxury Pool Tables

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Base Price
free delivery
Billard Toulet Blacklight Luxury Pool Tables
Billard Toulet Blacklight Luxury Pool Tables
Toulet Blacklight - Grey and Black Duotone
Toulet Blacklight - End Shot
Toulet Blacklight - Grey and Black Duotone
Toulet Blacklight - Grey Exterior with Orange Enterior
Toulet Blacklight - Black and Orange Finish
Toulet Blacklight - Ball Return
Toulet Blacklight - Grey Finish with White Basin
Toulet Blacklight - Grey Finish
Toulet Blacklight - Orange Interior
Toulet Blacklight - Red Finish with Black Cloth
Toulet Blacklight - Side View
Toulet Blacklight - Aerial View
Toulet Blacklight - Steel Grey and Orange Duotone
Toulet Blacklight - Table Frame
Toulet Blacklight - Range of Tables
Toulet Blacklight - Under Table Photo
Toulet Blacklight - White Table with Orange Cloth
Toulet Blacklight - White Table with Purple Cloth
Toulet Blacklight - White Table with White Cloth
Toulet Blacklight - White Table with Poker Top
Toulet Blacklight - With Dining Top
Toulet Blacklight - With Basin Lighting
Toulet Blacklight - Multi Colour Basin Lighting
Toulet Blacklight
Toulet Blacklight
Toulet Blacklight
Toulet Blacklight
Toulet Blacklight - Cabinet
Toulet Blacklight - Silver Table
Toulet Blacklight - White Table
Toulet Blacklight - Table with Accessories
Toulet Blacklight - with Lighting
Toulet Blacklight - Brochure Shot 1
Toulet Blacklight - Brochure Shot 2
Toulet Blacklight - Brochure Shot 3
Toulet Blacklight - Brochure Shot 4
Toulet Blacklight - Brochure Shot 5
Toulet Blacklight - Brochure Shot 6
Toulet Blacklight - Brochure Shot 7
Toulet Blacklight - Brochure Shot 8
Toulet Blacklight - Brochure Shot 9
Toulet Blacklight - Brochure Shot 10
Toulet Blacklight - Brochure Shot 11
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 1
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 2
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 3
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 4
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 5
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 6
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 10
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 12
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 13
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 14
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 15
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 16
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 17
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 18
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 7
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 8
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 9
Toulet Blacklight - Room Shot 11
Toulet Blacklight - Cue Racks
Toulet Blacklight - Lighting
Toulet Blacklight - Dining Top Stand Holder
Toulet Blacklight - Dining Top
Toulet Blacklight - Dining Tops 2
Toulet Blacklight - Cover
Toulet Blacklight - Available Leather Pocket Finishes
Toulet Blacklight - Available Cabinet Finishes
Cabinet Basin Colours
USA Accessory Pack
USA Accessory Pack
Billard Toulet Blacklight Luxury Pool Tables
Mouse Over / Click image to zoom


Cabinet Finishes



Required Room Size

Delivery and Installation


Blacklight Luxury Slate Bed Pool Table

The Blacklight table from Billard Toulet is a stylish and unique luxury pool table. A truly beautiful table that can be fully customised to suit your location. Blacklight is an American style model that has a 1 piece slate bed playing surface and guarantees to make the most stunning centre-piece of any games room. . The attention to detail gives this table a futuristic look and an unmistakable unique feel.

This highly customisable table includes a luxurious accessory pack and free delivery and professional installation. The Blacklight is a prestigious table with a unique design by Billards Toulet. Each Blacklight table is custom-made to order: your table is a unique piece, crafted with the most exacting care using top-of-the-line materials. Your Blacklight table is unique: each piece is numbered and guaranteed for life.

This award winning table is made from solid steel and the finest billiard components on today’s market. The looping design is the ultimate in elegance and sophistication. A delightful table that is the height of sophistication and luxuriousness. Simply the best.

The table is packed with many great features as listed below.

Table Features

  • Fully customisable table available in many finishes and colours.
  • Hard-wearing iron body frame that’s covered with solid steel.
  • Precision ground 22mm 1 piece slate playing surface.
  • Kleber Michelin competition cushion rubbers for perfect ball response.
  • American style leather pockets. Large range available.
  • Steel basin in wed design on underside of table.
  • Sound proof ball return system.
  • Luxurious Aramith accessory pack included.
  • Matching cue rack, dining tops, stand holder and lighting available.
  • Delivery and Installation included.


Why Buy From Pool Tables Online

Pool Tables Online is one of the oldest and most trusted pool table selling websites. The site has been trading since 2003. Our staff have been selling pool tables and leisure products for over 40 years. We are a limited company and we trade from large business premises. We have a big showroom, huge warehouse and carry a wide range of stock. We also have dedicated delivery and fitting teams.

Many websites offering pool tables are set up in bedrooms or back rooms and just have the pool tables drop shipped from the manufacturers. They cannot offer the product back up, expertise or customer security that we can. Why take a chance on such a capital purchase.

As an offical Toulet distributor we feel very qualified in handling such quality products. We aim to provide a hassle free service and years of high quality pool

Pool Tables Online is an official member of BAPTO (The British Association of Pool Table Operators) - responsible for the promotion of pool and the standardisation of the rules for the game in the U.K

Below is a short video to provide an insight into the company Billard Toulet.

To view the Blacklight catalogue please click HERE.

Cabinet Finishes

The Toulet Blacklight pool table is available in a superb range of cabinet colours. A huge choice of tables that will allow you to select the perfect table for you location. Please click on the below link to view the colours.


Toulet Blacklight Cabinet Colour Options - Click to Enlarge

Cabinet Colour Chart


Duotone Cabinet Colours.

Once you have selected the main cabinet colour it is then possible to choose the colour of the inside of the cabinet. This can be seen in the below image. The main cabinet colour is grey and the duotone (inner cabinet) is Black gloss.

There is no extra cost if you require the inside of the table cabinet to be the same colour finish as the outer cabinet. However, if you would prefer a Duotone cabinet finish then please select from the available list on the drop-down menu above.

Duotone colour pool table

Cabinet Basin Finish.

The pool table basin can be customised to suit your décor. As standard you can choose from the Black or Pure White basin. However, we can offer further colour options as shown below. Again please just select your choice from the drop-down menu above.

The Basin is the part underneath the playing surface ball return. It is the section that looks like a basket design. This can be seen in the below picture.

Basin Finish

Image of the Basin on the Blacklight table.

Basin Image


Basin Lighting

As well as choosing the colour of your table basin you can also have lighting installed. This provides an under lit effect as shown in the image below. If you wish to add this feature to your table please just select from the drop down menu when ordering.

Basin Lighting


Pocket Leathers

This table allows you to fully customise most areas. You can even select the colour of the pocket leathers. Below are two images of the leather finishes available. Please click the image if you wish to enlarge.

Pocket Leather

Pocket Leather


Hainsworth Pool Cloth Logo

This table comes with two high grade cloth options that are available in a wide variety of colours.

Option 1. Hainsworth Smart Wool Cloth

Hainsworth smart cloth is a high quality woollen napped cloth. This type of cloth is mainly found on UK style pool tables and snooker tables. It is the ideal choice when buying both a UK or USA specification pool table.

Option 2. Hainsworth Elite Pro Speed Cloth

Hainsworth Elite Pro is a high grade speed cloth. Speed cloth is a napless fast cloth that is typically found on American style pool tables. This type of cloth is perfect if you are purchasing an American style table.


Hainsworth Smart Cloth Colour Chart - Click to Enlarge

Hainsworth Smart Colour Cloth Chart


Hainsworth Elite Pro Colour Chart - Click to Enlarge

Elite Pro Pool Cloth


This table comes complete with a substantial accessory pack

American Pool Table Accessory Pack

What’s in The Box!

  • 1 Super Aramith PRO-CUP pool set (including the famous 6 red dots cue ball)
  • 1 Jim Rempe learning cue ball + manual
  • 1 wooden triangle ball rack
  • 1 wooden 9-ball rack
  • 1 bottle of Aramith Ball Cleaner
  • 1 Aramith Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 4 top quality two-piece pool cues
  • 1 two-piece bridge stick
  • 1 brass bridge head
  • 1 wooden six-cue rack
  • 1 Deluxe cue repair kit
  • 6 Aramith chalks
  • 10 ½ inch horse hair table brush
  • 1 under rail brush
  • 1 leather tally shaker bottle
  • 1 set of wooden tally balls
  • 1 official rule book


Optional Pool Dining Tops

This table comes with an option of a dining table top. The sectional matching top can allow the table to be used as a dining table, work surface or desk.

Dining Top Options

Dining Top Available

Dining Table Tops


Optional Dining Top Stand Holder

As well as the dining tops we can also offer a handy dining top stand which allows your tops to be safely stored whilst the table is in use.

Dining Top Stand Holder

Dining Top Stand Holder


Optional Matching Cue Rack

Why not select a matching Blacklight Luxury cue rack to go with your table.

Luxury Cue Rack 1

Luxury Cue Rack 2

Luxury Cue Rack 3


Optional Canopy Lighting Set

Finish off your room in style with the Blacklight light set. This stunning canopy lighting set will enhance the look of your table.

Matching Table Lights

Matching Table Lights

Matching Table Lights

Required Room Size

Please see below our recommended room size guide. This provides information on the cue sizes and ideal room size required for a 7ft, 8ft, or 9ft pool table. If you require any further help in regards to room size please feel free to get in touch.

Pool Table Room Size Guide


Delivery and Installation

All Toulet tables will be delivered and installed by our expert fitters. Our two man team are some of the most experienced in the business and will guarantee a high quality service and professional results. The table will be left safely set up, levelled and ready to play. All you need to do is show us where you want it and we will do the rest.

The delivery lead-time on Toulet tables can vary between 6 and 10 weeks. They are not a mass production table and are bespokely produced. We keep you fully informed of the table progrees throughout the order process.

Free delivery and installation


Premium Slate Bed

Billard Toulet Blacklight Luxury Pool Tables

The Billard Toulet Blacklight Luxury Pool Tables is built using a premium quality slate bed with a rigid internal support system, meaning that you will get a truely consistent playing surface for the life of your table.

These slate beds are used on the tables found in pool halls and clubs - meaning you will get that same true response from your table at home, without compromise!

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