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Published: 09/01/2020

Delivery and Installation of a pool table.

Once you have decided what size pool table you require and which room it is going into the next stage is to be certain that it will physically go into that room

This is particularly important if it is going upstairs or into a basement but we will come to that shortly.

Most installations are on the ground floor and it is very rare that we fail to get a table into a ground floor situation. Deliveries are made in Sprinter style vans so they can access most locations.


UK Style Tables

7ft x 4ft pool tables are the biggest seller and it is worth noting how they arrive at your premises.

First of all they arrive in 3 sections, the body of the table, the one piece slate pre-covered with cloth, and the legs. This means tables will fit through any standard size door edge on.

The legs present no access problem and the slate usually will go in anywhere, even upright as it is only ¾” thick which gives it a good turning area and fits under normal door height.

The body of the table however is a different matter as it is totally inflexible. People often say “oh we got a mattress in that room and a bed etc” but those items are either flexible or thinner than a pool table. Remember that a pool table is 7ft x 4ft and sometimes 16 inches deep and totally rigid so it won’t turn 90 degrees from a narrow corridor into a room. If corridors are wide enough then turning into a room should not be a problem.



The biggest issues arise when stairs are involved and that is why we charge £65 extra for first floor or basement deliveries.

We have to pay our fitters extra as carrying the table upstairs or downstairs takes considerable muscle and has to be carried out safely so we insist on access photos as we do not want you to be disappointed if it will not fit and the install has to be aborted.

Some customers say they will assist carrying the table up or down stairs but extra people helping does not work in most cases as normal staircases only allow two people, one at the top and one at the bottom, to fit on the stairs because of the table depth. More people can actually be a hindrance.

Tables also have to be stood on end sometimes so the height of some ceilings and angled turns on stairs can be restrictive so a photo or better still a short video in advance can assist greatly

We will consider 2nd and 3rd floor installations for UK tables but will charge an extra £30 per floor depending on the circumstances unless as in the case of some offices there is a proper goods lift.

If you are an office and only have a passenger lift however then it is likely that a 6ft table will go in but invariably a 7ft table will not fit because although a lift may be high enough once inside the aperture, the door openings are usually lower and the 7ft cabinet will not go under the doors and in at an angle.

We therefore charge for upstairs delivery in advance even when a lift is available, however if the lift is big enough and can be used on the day then we will refund the upstairs element when we receive the update from the fitters.


Tight Situations – Kit Form Tables

If you have any doubts whatsoever about the access viability then the best option is to buy a table that we call “dry build”, which in effect means in kit form. Basically the table is built from components in the room of your choice which takes away all access worries. This cost an extra £150 but gives you peace of mind and guarantees the install. If it is going upstairs then the £60 charge still applies as the slate which weighs over a 100kgs has still to be carried up or down in one piece.

American Tables

American tables which are even bigger and heavier than UK tables are strangely enough easier to install because they already come in kit form with sectional slate, usually 3 pieces, and loose frame panels which allow easy access. They slates are still heavy however so we will only install 7ft and 8ft tables upstairs or downstairs without any extra charge. 9ft tables upstairs will be subject to a charge so please contact us for details

Dangerous situations

From a health and safety aspect we cannot put our fitters in any dangerous situations. This means that we will only install under normal conditions. For example we will not install using temporary stairs erected during building refurbishments, install up spiral staircases or lower tables into holes in floors in basements or up ladders into lofts. This may sound strange but they are all circumstances we have faced in the past. Please make sure we are advised of any hazards in advance as we will still charge for the install if it has to be aborted due to hazardous situations not explained in advance.

Areas not ready for install on arrival

 We are often asked to deliver pool tables to new build premises such as new show houses or new build offices only to find the rooms are not ready and we have to return with the table or leave it on site without installing. If you have agreed the day for the install and we have to abort there will be an extra £99 re-install charge should we have to go back to re-deliver or return to complete the installation.


Our fitters have a minimum experience of 10 years and are professionals when it comes to installing equipment. They are courteous and will help in any way they can. They have personal protective equipment including boots which have to be worn at all times when carrying heavy equipment.


If you have paid a deposit for your table we will collect the balance a few days prior to delivery as our fitters are not insured to collect cash and cheques are not accepted.

Commercial Sales

Most of our sales are to domestic customers but we do supply offices, schools, universities and other institutions

We are vat registered so we can provide vat invoices for payment by bacs transfer or credit card. If you require risk assessments and or method statements (RAMS) please inform us in advance of any delivery. If we are not informed in advance and have to abort the delivery through lack of RAMS then we will charge a further £99 for re-delivery. Please advise in advance if PPE equipment should be worn on site to avoid non delivery


Finally as you will understand our fitters need close access to the building where the table has to be assembled due to the weight of the product so they will need a minimum of 1 hours free parking for a standard UK pool table install and about 4 hours free parking for an American pool table with sectional slate as it will require the cloth fitting in situ. City centre deliveries need pre-arranged parking on site for a Sprinter type van for the relevant time period.

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